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Cushion cover (yastik yuzu)
Cushion cover (yastik yuzu)
16th–17th century
Not on display
Silk, (and Cotton?, Metallic Yarn; Cut Voided Velvet With Suppplementary Weft Patterning
83.8 x 96.5 cm (33 x 38 in.)
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Ottoman Period
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Gift of Caroline McCoy Jones

Ottoman cushion cover (yastik yuzu) of cut voided velvet brocaded with a yarn consisting of a metal lamella around a silk core. The design consists of a round central medallion within an ogive formed by two sets of paired, stylized leaves and with quarter medallions at the corners of the field; an incomplete row of niches forms a border at each end. The metal weft, which was used only in the leaves and in some of the small details as well as areas of ground warp have eroded. The simplicity of some of the details, the quality of the ground warp, and the limited use of metallic brocading in voided areas indicates that this was not from the top grade of Ottoman velvets. There numerous repairs.-DMott-2/2006

The object was a wedding gift from Charles Grant Ellis to Caroline and H. McCoy Jones on their wedding in 1968 or 1969.-DMott-2/2006 per C. McCoy-Jones, personal conversation, Virginia, 1998.

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