Baby Carrier

Baby Carrier
Baby Carrier
late 20th century
Not on display
Cotton, Silk; Twill Weave (commercial), Embroidery, Applique
Object: 85 x 38.6 cm (33 7/16 x 15 3/16 in.); cm ( in.); cm ( in.)
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Miao (Hmong)
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Museum purchase, Gift of the Christensen Fund

Complete baby carrier consisting of two rectangles, one smaller than the other, stitched together along one of their narrow sides. The carrier has three sets of ties: (1) a continuous, quilted band of indigo-dyed cotton plain weave sewn across the free end of the smaller section and extending horizontally from both corners; (2) a band like the first but sewn over the seam joining the two sections and that exends out from each side of the carrier; (3) two narrow bands of white warp-faced plain weave cotton with indigo and black stripes and three bundled silk and cotton wefts at the free end -- these are attached at the free corners of the large section. The two sections are similar, both made of commerical black cotton densely embroidered with polychrome silk yarns in floral and zoomorphic patterns. The larger of the two panels is composed of four squares of the black cloth, all embroidered with the samedesign before the squares were assembled; a small piece of commercially printed cotton is appliqued on each of the seams joining the squares. At the center of each of the panels is an appliqued roundel heavily embroidered with a dorje-like central motif and surrounded with two narrow concentric bands of plain cottoncloth (red and yellow on one section, red and white on the other). The smaller panel is
backed with indigo-dyed cotton, the larger panel with a commerically printed cotton bordered on three sides with a band of red cotton cloth.
The embroidery, or at least most of it, appears to have been worked over a thin paper pattern trimmed away after stitching was completed. All embroidered areas are edged with a white cord-like element (commercially produced?) consisting of a thread of white silk tightly wrapped around a thread core; the "cord" is tacked at intervals to the gound fabric. The type of stitching and the method used need to be more thoroughly examined.

Embroidery colors are blue-gray, dark blue, light blue, blue-green, green, red, dark pink, light pink, orange, light orange, violet, red-violet, and golden yellow.